Game: Minesweeper
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• Classic minesweeper gameplay
• Set number of landmines
• 20 different mine layouts: Perfect for beginner, intermediate, and expert players
• Increase or decrease the number of mines
• Advanced gameplay designed for accuracy and fast times
• Tablet support for larger screen games
Recommended for: Ages 5 and up
Skill(s) you will develop: Strategy, tactics, counting, probability
• Genre: Puzzle & Board game

This is free version of classic Minesweeper a.k.a Mines game. If You are familiar with the Minesweeper (Mines) computer game, then you no longer need further guidance and will love this game! This game originated in the 1960s, and has been written for many computing platforms in use today. The objective of the game is to clear the board containing hidden "mines". Minesweeper starts when a you tap on a cell. The first click reveals a number or an opening surrounded by numbers. Each number tells you how many mines touch the cell.

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Common Misspellings: mine sweeper, minesweper, mindsweeper, mindsweper